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JPHI-Imagefolder-2018-EN-WEB PDF3.9 MB2018-04-24

Certificates and Information

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Declaration of performance for CLT 2019/09 PDF1.5 MB2019-09-11
Pabst PEFC English PDF123.4 KB2018-04-24
Pabst Pellets ENplus PDF305.3 KB2018-03-27
Certifcate EN 14080:2013 PDF94.6 KB2018-04-24
European Technical Assessment - ETA-18/004 PDF340.5 KB2018-04-26
DOP Solid wood wall and ceiling cladding English PDF644.6 KB2018-05-08
DoP Solid Wood flooring indoor English PDF622.7 KB2018-05-08
Strength properties Glulam PDF2.2 MB2018-05-30

General Terms of Business and Delivery

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General terms and conditions of business and delivery PDF431.2 KB2018-05-08