Acquisition of Hanuschsäge in Kathal

Johann Pabst, who had previously worked as a wood salesman, purchases the Hanuschsäge (‘Hanusch saw’) in Kathal close to Obdach which had been decommissioned ten years earlier.


Construction of saw hall

A new saw hall is built and the sawn timber site is extended. Johann Pabst (2nd from the right) visiting a customer in Italy.


New planing hall & sawn timber

A new planing hall with railway connection to the sawmill: From now on, sawn timber is also processed further. The age of planed goods has begun. The family in 1955: Juliane and Johann Pabst with their children Gertrude, Siegfried, Ria, Johann, Reinhard and Florian.


The sawn timber site is paved to allow the operations to switch to fork lifts.


Sawmill modernisation

The sawmill is modernised and a mechanical round timber sorting site is built.


Pabst Timber is growing

New lots are added to extend the round timber sorting site.


Honouring of Johann Pabst

The Community of Amering awards him an honorary ring for great economic achievements for the benefit of the community. His sons Reinhard (4th from the left), Siegfried and Florian take over the company and establish a limited company. 1978 – More land is acquired in addition to the sawn timber packaging system with electronic measuring. A whopping 10,000 m² are added. 1980 – Since a lot of bark is produced, a large heating system is built, which also provides heat energy to the wood drying system built later.


The planing mill is renewed and a sales shop (Holzmarkt Pabst) is added to the Pabst Timber family. 1990 – Time for a new, second drying chamber.


AlpenSpan press

An entirely new AlpenSpan press is built and the grandchildren Johann and Reinhard Pabst take over the company.


Pabst Pellets

The first pellets system is built.


Glued laminated timber plant I is built.


Glued laminated timber plant II for curved special components extends the product range.


New centre

Relocation to the Wood Innovation Centre in Zeltweg.


Reinhard Pabst senior dies at 71. He had shaped most of the company’s development, from a small sawmill to an internationally operating company.

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