Benefit 1

Combine as needed

We love to be versatile and are known for the fact that truck loads leaving our plants regularly carry mixed loads. Glulam, Pabst CLT, sawn timber, planed goods,… Our Logistics Department takes on any challenge.

Benefit 2

From the warehouse to dispatch in a jiffy

At Pabst, a lot of space is reserved for wood – not only in our hearts but also in our storage halls in Zeltweg and Obdach. This is why we always stock items that only wait to be dispatched. Thanks to the fact that we are situated in the heart of Europe, we also deliver in no time.

Benefit 3

Wood from Austrian mountain forests

The Mur Valley is a historic forestry area – mainly spruce and larch grow there at ideal heights between 700 and 1,200 m above sea level. This makes slow growth, tight tree rings and stable wood quality characteristics of all Pabst Timber products.

Benefit 4

Informed at all times

In our modern world, one should always be able to get information about everything. That is why we make sure our customers can enquire about orders at all times. Nothing is left to chance and preparations can be made in good time.

Benefit 5

Implemented sustainability

In good times and in bad times – Pabst Holz has been around for 80 years. We hold our partner companies in forestry and timber construction in the highest respect. That is why maintaining our customer relationships is highly important to us. Because we put great importance on trust and reliability.

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