Immediately one’s skin gets cooler. There is a special climate under the tall trees, which even makes the oppressive heat in summer bearable. The heavy shoes are easily cushioned by the needle-covered ground and step by step, the magical world of the forest opens up – with all its little special features. A glance upwards lets the sharp rays of light, which make their way down between the treetops, fall on curious eyes. After a few meters, one is completely immersed in natural beauty.

The air smells of old, moist wood and is heavy with humidity – lonely and slowly, one walks across the forest floor. In the distance one hears a quiet gurgle – a mountain stream as one finds out later as one balances over a small footbridge. Only to penetrate even deeper into the green heart of Austria. The Mur Valley. The place where Pabst wood grows.

Let’s draw up an equation:
Pabst = Wood

We have a close relationship to nature. Our company structures are stable, but our vision for the future is elastic and flexible. We adapt to all adversities. Pabst Timber is deeply rooted in its region. We are honest, versatile and foster long-standing cooperations. Just like wood depends on the sun and good soil, our family-run company exists in a symbiosis with our partners in the forest and our customers.