The timber industry

Well grown thanks to soil, climate and air

It takes 120 years for a spruce tree to be ready for processing. Until then, it collects its rings in the bright and mysterious forests of the Mur Valley. For those who work with wood, sustainability is no trend, but active commitment. As a matter of fact and without compromise. This is what highest quality is made of.

The company

Real woodwork – living tradition, every day

Pabst Timber has been around for almost 80 years. Enough time to get experienced with wood. But we don’t stand still. We meet the legacy left to us by our ancestors with state-of-the-art technology. What has been part of a Mur Valley forest one minute is processed by the experienced hands of our employees until it is ready to strike the world with its beauty.


Our world is one of growth, creation and living. Pabst Timber captures nature and shapes it to fit living and working areas.

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