Our home

This is the focal point of all our activities and thankfully, everything is going well: Our headquarters in Zeltweg also serves as the place where ideas are created, positively assessed and implemented.

Pabst glulam

One plant
Many glulam panels

A new era began in 2005. This year saw the start of Pabst’s glulam plant. There, 60 employees are today producing 100,000 cubic metres of glulam annually. PABST glulam is delivered construction site ready. All bores, slots and millings are already made at the plant.

Pabst Pellets

Many wooden pellets

Pellets are also part of our product portfolio. Since 2003, we have been using dried sawdust as the raw material for this climate-neutral fuel. This output keeps approximately 20,000 households warm.


Horses love it

Our AlpenSpan travels the world. These woodchips are used as horse bedding around the globe. The special feature of AlpenSpan: This bedding is completely dust-free.