As its name suggests, Theresienfeld was founded by Empress Maria Theresia. This place close to Wiener Neustadt boasts a special feature: Trenches. Due to the fact that the soil here used to be infertile, farmers from Tyrol were invited to make the soil arable using irrigation systems.

The property on which Robert Wahl’s timber is now stacked sky-high goes back to those days – behind the storage site, all the way to the southern railway route, one can still see the original fields created on order from the Empress. But all that is history. Holz-Wahl pays more attention to the present and future.

Irrigation trenches from the time of Empress Maria Theresia.

Wood in the present

Robert Wahl and his team stock almost everything: Solid timber products such as solid timber, planed goods and glulam trusses for the DIY builder. What makes this company special: Holz-Wahl meets individual customer requests and also takes care of cutting the products to size and delivery.

Most customer requests can be executed easily. The internal machine pool allows for many types of wood processing, the company’s president says.

Focussing on individuality

Robert Wahl and his team have specialised in project advice. Many young customers chose the supposedly simple path: They order their materials on the internet and pick the products up at their local building centre. Building centres don’t provide project advice, however. And yet, project advice is actually the most important factor to avoid buying material one doesn’t need or even wrong material.

This is where Holz-Wahl’s big advantage and the one that trumps all building centres comes into play – its long-standing expertise. For it is already run by the third generation of timber professionals. The first to obtain a business licence was the current president’s grandfather. Back then, the company’s headquarters were in Hollabrunn. The president’s father then relocated to the building with sawmill in Theresienfeld in 1958 and Wahl has been synonymous for timber in the Wiener Neustadt area ever since.

Holz-Wahl sources most of its wood from Styria – from Pabst Timber – but also from the Wechsel region or Germany.

Robert Wahl reports on everyday business and the past

Excellent service

The company uses its three lorries to deliver all requested production orders on time. From glulam trusses or fuels such as pallet-packed firewood or the ever popular wood pellets. Holz-Wahl also offers the AlpenSpan horse bedding, a Pabst product.

Its large machine pool allows the company to meet almost all customer requests towards wood processing. Always in synch with the principle: The customer is king.

Nothing is impossible for Holz-Wahl.