Bottino Besuch

We interviewed Giovanni and Grazia Bottino in Zeltweg.

Giovanni and Grazia – could you describe your company Bottino Legnami for our readers?
Giovanni: We are a small company with ten employees and four family members who are also involved in daily business. We are mainly engaged in the restoration of existing roof trusses. That sounds simple, but it is not. Because in our region of Piedmont the houses are not as straight as here in Austria and there is often something wrong. We must therefore work all the more precisely. Our planners and engineers also draw plans for new houses.

What kind of buildings are we talking about?
Grazia: These are mainly private homes, but offices are also mixed in. What might also be interesting information for Austrians: If we use the wood, then we usually coat it with an appropriate waterproofing agent. We were also one of the first companies in Piedmont to supply the wooden parts completely tailored to the building.

What has changed in terms of timber construction?
Giovanni: Particularly in the last few years, the development has progressed rapidly. In the past, cross laminated timber was still pressed by hand, laminated beams were made manually. Today this is unimaginable, everything runs fully automatically and is produced industrially. Today the manufacturers make is as easy as possible for the end customer – it almost feels like playing Lego. (laughs)

Bottino Besuch
Bottino Besuch
Bottino Besuch
Bottino Besuch

How did your cooperation with Pabst Timber begin?
Grazia: Oh my – it has been many years! We have seen their presence at the building fair in Bologna and became very interested. It was as if their products were made for Bottino Legnami – we established contacts and when the first deliveries arrived, we knew that quality and service were top notch. And they become better the longer we work together!

Where is the timber you buy used?
Giovanni: Mostly for residential buildings, but also for storage halls, kindergartens and industrial buildings, In the Piedmont, in Liguria, Lombardy and on the island of Corsica.

How has the attitude in Italy changed with regard to wooden houses and building with wood?
Giovanni: Very positively! Initially, there were still doubts, but in the meantime the Italians have committed to building with wood or to live in houses that are partly made of wood. 20 years ago 90 percent of the roof trusses were made of concrete, today 90 percent are made of wood. Our son also jumped on the trend and went into business himself with his own company Natural House, as there was an extremely high demand for timber houses.

What makes the wood from the Mur Valley so special?
Giovanni: The wood from Austria is of course of better quality, because it grows so slowly and the end consumer can feel that too. Because it needs less rework and simply lasts longer. Our motto is that we want to deliver wood of high quality, so we also need a partner that offers high-quality raw material – and in Pabst Timber we have found the perfect one.