Carpentry Speiser is a family-run business based in St. Pölten, which is also where they met for the first time: The long-standing Pabst customer and Pabst-CLT, the new product which was laid on a large scale..

The stage is Ketzergasse in Vienna’s Liesing district. Not only do cars flash by almost every second, loads of Porsches and Skodas are offered for sale here. This is also the location of a training centre. And then there is the giant construction site. The long row of porta-potties, the blue construction site trailers and the noise level make it clear that something big is being built here. “We are building a showroom for cars,” Karl Speiser, the Managing Director of the responsible carpentry, explains.

“Four of us have taken a mere four hours to install it...”

Connect four

At the construction site, we meet Mr Leitner, one of the four men present when the PABST-CLT was delivered. “Four of us have taken a mere four hours to install it. If all elements fit and are correctly cut, this dry building method allows everything to be done really quickly,” he says, standing in the middle of the building shell, with columns growing out of the ground right next to him and some windows still being open to the sky. He is wearing a white hardhat, a white shirt and a leather tool belt slightly reminiscent of a cowboy’s.

A first for PABST-CLT

This construction site in Vienna’s Liesing district was one of the first to use PABST-CLT. And at a large scale at that. “One doesn’t lay 1,400 square metres every day,” Mr Leitner says, grinning. “But when all parts fit, everything is done in a jiffy.” And Karl Speiser adds: “The showroom’s conversion took place in several stages, but using these timber elements, everything had to be done really quickly. Considering the fact that we have implemented this project in a record-breaking time, it really stands out. In just two weeks, Pabst delivered the finished and completely individualised product.”

Zimmerer Speiser

Als Familienbetrieb hat sich die Zimmerei eigentlich als Partner von Firmen und Häuslbauern auf Privatkunden spezialisiert. „Wir arbeiten zu 80 Prozent für private Kunden, hier greifen wir natürlich auch immer wieder auf Produkte von Pabst Holz zurück“, erzählt Karl Speiser. Das Holz aus der Steiermark wird für Überdachungen, Dachausbauten sowie für Dach- und Wandelemente verwendet. Oder eben für Tragkonstruktionen wie diese hier.