Gantry processing machine for oversized and curved elements. Its maximum processing size is 1000 x 4000 x 47000 mm. The machine is equipped with a 5-axis-head system for flank milling, drilling, cutting, dovetails, slits etc. It is programmed via Easy Wood.


A processing centre for standardised bar joints. Its maximum component size is 300*600*18000 mm. All standard processing types are possible: Sawing, milling, slitting, drilling, dovetails, all timber joints and loghouse milling. This machine is perfect for the processing of classic roof truss and loghouse joints. Data import is carried out via *.BVN files.

Curved components up to 30 metres long can be milled with millimetre precision. For standard processing we have at our disposal a processing centre that works efficiently and quickly.

The following data formats can be processed:
*.sat ACIS
*.bvn Hundegger
*.btl Lignocam
*.dwg, *.dxf  Autodesk
*.2d, *.3d  Cadwork

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